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WhatWood Global Trends Review Sweden: roundwood prices continue to decrease

Sweden: roundwood prices continue to decrease

27 October 2020 ` 18:42  

The trend of decreasing delivery prices in Sweden continued during the third quarter of 2020, according to new statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency. The price of pulpwood decreased by 5.9% and the sawlog price by 3%, in comparison with the second quarter of 2020. There was one exception in the Northern region of the country where prices on pulpwood increased by 1.4%.

Swedish pulpwood prices have been declining the last five quarters. The sharpest decrease came in the most recent quarter, the third quarter of 2020 by 5.9%. The largest decline in pulpwood prices was in the Central region of Sweden by 6.4% and 5.6% in the Southern region. However, prices increased slightly in the Northern region by 1.4%.

Sawlog prices in Sweden have been decreasing or almost unchanged for the past seven quarters. The greatest decrease was last year, during the third quarter of 2019, by 5.5%. This third quarter of 2020 had sawlog prices declining by 3%. Prices decreased the most in the Southern region by 3.9%, in the Central Region by 2% and 0.5% in the Northern region. All comparisons above are with the previous quarter.

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