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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Sveza is putting to market special plywood for electric transport

Sveza is putting to market special plywood for electric transport

28 January 2022 ` 14:20  

Sveza, a leading Russian forest industry company and the world’s largest manufacturer of birch plywood, has developed plywood that does not conduct electricity — SVEZA Dielectric. This plywood suits applications that require light and strong non-conductive materials. The first few batches have recently been shipped to a large manufacturer of passenger vehicles.

Sveza developed a special type of plywood that is made of pure birch wood and does not conduct electricity. A unique dielectric varnish covers the surface of SVEZA Dielectric plywood sheets.

The request for non-conductive plywood came from a customer that makes city electrobuses. The updated Russian regulations On the safety of wheeled vehicles require that manufacturers of passenger vehicles use flooring made of materials with dielectric properties. This is an important requirement for electric buses with lifting platforms for wheelchairs, in particular.

After testing in Sveza’s shops, a batch of dielectric plywood was sent to the customer for testing on a vehicle. The product successfully passed the test and was officially included in the customer’s detailed engineering drawings.

SVEZA Dielectric now has all necessary certificates and a certificate of conformity for shipping to the CIS countries. Sveza is ready to launch mass production of the new product.

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