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Segezha Group opens sawtimber carrier navigation along the Volga-Baltic waterway

28 May 2021 ` 18:54  

The White Sea-Baltic Canal officially opened for navigation to the NWFD (North-Western Federal District) timber harvesting branches of Segezha Group, a Sistema company, on 20 May 2021. Previously, the navigation season also started along the Volga-Baltic Waterway and the Northern Dvina Canal, as well as in the Lake Onega and Ladoga systems.

Kipelovo forest industry conglomerate, Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill’s forest resource branch, and Karellesprom Wood Chemical Complex will be shipping round timber to main production sites for processing. Specifically, the raw timber will be received by: Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill and Segezhsky Wood Chemical Complex in Karelia, Onezhsky Wood Chemical Complex in Arkhangelsk Oblast and Sokolsky Woodworking Plant in Vologda Oblast.

Transporting raw timber along inland waterways plays an important role in Segezha Group’s logistics system. Every year, vessels travel 330 times to the company’s facilities around NWFD and 80 times to deliver raw timber to third-party customers. At the end of 2020, the share of shipping resources by inland waterways to the Group’s enterprises increased by 20% compared to the previous navigation season. Overall, watercraft transported 587 thousand m³ of round timber and chippings in 2020. The annual performance plan was exceeded by 16%.

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