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Russian Timber Group doubled lumber sales in the first half-year

5 August 2013 ` 06:10  

Following the results of the first half of 2013, lumber sales at Russian Timber Group mills increased twice compared to a year-ago period.

Within the last four months, SEL-Trade, the company which markets group’s products, was supplying steadily over 50,000 cubic metres of products monthly. In the sales structure, East Asian markets are still dominating (over 50%), with the rest falling within CIS countries, various Russian regions, Europe, and Egypt. Positive dynamics is registered not only year-on-year, but also within this year. From January to June, deliveries also increased twice.

Chief Executive of SEL-Trade Gennady Babudzhi noted that the company reached such high results for the first time in its history. “Sales volumes are distributed between our long-established partners and new clients that have never worked with Russian forest products before,” Babudzhi says, “We entered the Chinese market in 2011, and it continues to dominate in product deliveries and shows quite steady growth in terms of volume and value”. According to Mr Babudzhi, steadily high demand also remains on the company’s traditional Japanese market.

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