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WhatWood Events May 2019 was a record month for Lesosibirsky LDK №1 for the main production indicators for the last three years

May 2019 was a record month for Lesosibirsky LDK №1 for the main production indicators for the last three years

16 June 2019 ` 10:45  

More than 76 thousand cubic meters of roundwood were used for sawmill production, which is 20% more than in May 2016. 

The best indicators were also the volume of drying and shipment of finished products – more than 39 thousand cubic meters of lumber, which is 50% higher than the same m/m over the past three years. Shipment to railway containers and gondola cars was carried out with the use of a reach stacker. Production and shipment of fiberboard also reached a record level and amounted to more than 2.3 million m2 and more than 2 million m2, respectively, exceeding by 60% the May 2016 figures.

Executive Director of Lesosibirsky LDK №1 Artem Siluyanov praised the readiness of the plant for the early start of the navigation season, noted the effective allocation of resources and well-built work last year on the formation of an optimal supply of raw materials.

In the opinion of Executive Director, the achievement of high levels also contributed to a significant upgrade of auxiliary equipment in 2019, and the professionalism of logistics services and sales.

Taking into account the market situation, the plant was able to quickly shift from the Egyptian to the Chinese market, competently and quickly organize container shipment of finished products. Sawn timber is sent to the countries of foreign trade cooperation of Segezha Group – Egypt and China.

Recall that January 2019 also became the most productive beginning of the year for the Lesosibirsky LDK №1 for the last 10 years.

According to the press service of Segezha Group

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