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Kronospan may purchase assets of Russian Laminate

28 April 2020 ` 12:36  

Russian Laminate owns two particleboard production sites in Smolensk and Moscow regions with a total capacity of 480,000 m3 per year. Its MDF production equipment with a capacity of 400,000 m3 per year at the production site of Igorevsky DOK is mothballed. One phase of the new plant, a lamination line, was put into operation in 2015.

“We are ready to organize production at both sites at Igorevskaya and ensure sales of their finished products. The value of investments to upgrade the functioning particleboard production site and bring it to world standards as well as to launch the MDF plant that is currently under construction is estimated at over 3 billion rubles,” commented Ardasher Kurbansho, Head of Kronospan Russia, on the company’s interest in the assets.

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