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WhatWood Blog News of WhatWood Project In March 2017, we switch to new format of our reports

In March 2017, we switch to new format of our reports

30 January 2017 ` 20:56  

Within five years of our activities, WhatWood agency has gradually developed a whole portfolio of annual industry reports. From this year on, we decided to change the format of our products.

All reports will be divided into the textual part and the appendices (original materials in excel, word, ppt, GIS formats etc.), in order to make analysis of the data in the products simpler.

We have also removed long descriptions, having made the text much more concise. Full data for comparison and analysis will be available in Excel tables, while the text itself will contain key trends and news of the Russian timber-related industries. We collect this information from the industry experts throughout the whole year.

Also, we are introducing multiple fact-checking. Unfortunately, the Russian timber industry is known for being non-transparent and lacking verifiable data, from the information on forest resources up to the sales volumes of timber products. Therefore, publication of verified data is very important for the companies, as well as for our agency. We will re-check all figures that raise doubts by addressing the companies themselves.

If you find incorrect data about your company in our reports, please write immediately to our Chief Editor Kirill Baranov (+7 905 704 5133,


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