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Euroports and Metsä Fibre expand cooperation

4 May 2021 ` 18:45  

Euroports Finland and Metsä Fibre have signed a multi-year service agreement, under which the port operator will take care of handling the finished products of the sawmill that is going to be built in Rauma by the third quarter of 2022. The expansion of the cooperation has been under negotiations for quite some time and adjusted in the process. „We are introducing a tailor-made service concept designed for the operation of the sawmill”, gave Sari De Meulder, Managing Director of Euroports Finland Oy, as an example.

There will be no storage in the sawmill area currently in construction, as all finished sawn timber will be transported directly to the Rauma port area in the future. Euroports is responsible for receiving, storing, and forwarding products.

“Full annual production will be 750,000 m³ of pine sawn timber, of which a large part will be shipped abroad, depending on the market situation. With this agreement, our operating volume of sawn timber will double, compared to the current situation in Euroports Rauma, which naturally also means extensive investments in equipment to increase the capacity of our lifting devices, for example”, explained De Meulder.

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