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The Governor of the Vladimir region and the management of Yildizlar Yatirim (Turkey) discussed an investment project for the production of MDF

January 19, 2018 ` 13:07  
On January 9, 2017 the Governor of the Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova held a working meeting with İlkay Ünal, Secretary General of the Board of Directors of Turkish industrial holding Yildizlar Yatirim. Turkish industrial holding Yildizlar Yatirim plans...

Prices for Russian sawn softwood in China have reached their peak

December 29, 2017 ` 10:22  
Demand for sawnwood is still outgrowing supply in China. In this context, prices for Russian Northwest spruce sawnwood peaked at $270/m3 (1-4 SF 30×125/150, center boards, Shanghai port) in November 2017. Prices for European spruce sawnwood have been...

China withdraws benefits for railway transportation of timber cargoes

December 28, 2017 ` 10:10  
Since October 31, 2017, in Manchuria, Suifenhe and other dry ports, benefits for railway transportation are withdrawn, as a result is the logistic component of selling price has increased and quantity of deliveries has decreased. For example, volume...

Russia imposed Russia export duties duties for some Far East log species

December 20, 2017 ` 10:50  
The Russian government approved the tariff quotas for exports of separate types of coniferous wood. Quotas were introduced for the Far Eastern species: the Ayan spruce (Picea jezoensis), Khingan fir (Abies nephrolepis) and the Daurian larch (Larix dahurica)...

Housing investment in China growing amid slowing economy

December 15, 2017 ` 12:45  
The National Bureau of Statistics of China shows that total investment in real estate development in the first ten months of 2017 increased by almost 8% year on year, but that the pace of growth has been slowing...

US lumber industry is materially injured by reason of imports of softwood lumber from Canada

December 15, 2017 ` 12:57  
A final ruling in the US-Canada softwood lumber dispute has seen the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) uphold tariffs on Canadian softwood imports to the US, TTJ reported. The ruling on December 7 determined that the US...