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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Belarusian sawmill Kimabel to add new sorting line

Belarusian sawmill Kimabel to add new sorting line

16 March 2021 ` 12:55  

The installation of a new timber sorting line, costing as much €3 million, is the latest step in the modernization of the woodworking enterprise LLC KimaBel in Polotsk District, Vitebsk Oblast, Belta news agency reported.

The sophisticated timber conversion line can process even round wood that has defects. Logs are scanned one by one to determine how each log has to be sawn with as little waste as possible.

Special grapples rotate the log in order to saw off a plank of the right size. The line processes about 2,000 m² of timber per day. The resulting boards are sent to the timber drying facility.

The company has nearly finished another stage of the retooling campaign. A new wood sawmill with the output capacity of 750,000 m³ per annum was commissioned in 2020 in addition to a new drying complex. KimaBel works primarily with pine wood since this kind of timber enjoys strong demand.

Director of LLC KimaBel, Vadim Vasenkov said, “We export 99% of the output. Shipments are delivered to Europe, Asia, and North America. We buy raw materials all over Belarus. The new investment project we will begin this year will allow increasing the timber conversion ratio and more efficiently use round timber.”

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