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WhatWood Blog Woodworking A large particleboard production site is planned in the Penza Region

A large particleboard production site is planned in the Penza Region

27 December 2023 ` 19:04  

RIA-Invest-Group LLC is planning to implement an investment project on building a woodworking plant in the Kuznetsky District of the Penza Region.

During the first phase, the company intends to start up a laminated particleboard production line with a capacity of 500,000 m³ per year. The investment value is estimated at 8 billion rubles.

At the moment, representatives of RIA-Invest-Group have held a number of meetings regarding raw material supplies and product sales with harvesting enterprises and the largest furniture producers in the Penza and Ulyanovsk Regions and in Mordovia.

Rishat Altynbaev, Minister of Forest and Hunting Management and Use of Natural Resources of the Penza Region, confirmed that the region is interested in the investment project implementation and instructed his ministry to study the possibility of its implementation in detail.

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