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Features of national logging

4 May 2020 ` 16:57  

The majority of loggers of Leningrad, Kostroma, Tver, Pskov, and Kirov regions note that they have achieved the effect of getting used to nature’s indifference and “learned” to harvest and export wood in unconventional conditions of Russian winter.

One of the solutions is the transition to export at night. It is in the late evening and night that the temperature goes into light minus values, which makes it easier or even more possible to export harvested varieties.

Another experience that loggers have gained this season is regular monitoring of weather forecasts, both in the short and long term. One of the WhatWood experts in Kirov region shared his practice: he analyzed the weather statistics of March for the last 5 years and came to the conclusion that March is the driest winter month. The expert assumes that in March he will be able to force the removal of wood, as neither December, nor January, nor February allowed to do this because of the large amount of precipitation, usually in the form of rain.

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