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WhatWood Blog News of WhatWood Project Vienna commodity exchange, North America and Russia's OSB imports: new prices in WhatWood Weekly

Vienna commodity exchange, North America and Russia’s OSB imports: new prices in WhatWood Weekly

22 November 2013 ` 02:01  

In #95 WhatWood Weekly, the editorial staff has expanded once again the price section, having added softwood lumber prices on the Vienna commodity exchange, average export prices of Canadian and American lumber on the markets of East Asia and import prices for OSB in Russia in terms of various importing countries.

Base prices of the Vienna commodity exchange are for softwood lumber, 4-6 m, sold on the wholesale domestic Austrian market, in Euro, VAT exclusive, shipping-dry condition. Export prices for North American lumber are shown for mutual deliveries between US & Canada; also from Canada to China, South Korea and Japan and from US to China. Import statistic average OSB prices are shown for deliveries from Canada, Latvia, Romania and China to Russia.

WhatWood Weekly includes a wide price section – eight pages of prices for logs, lumber, pellets, wood-based panels, wood chips, and pulp & paper industry products, refreshed on monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis. The tables contain data of the Customs of Russia, Japan, European Union and other countries & regions, Russian Statistic Service, Metla forest research institute (Finland), International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO, Japan), Random Lengths journal (USA), Bumprom pulp and paper association (Russia), International Wood Markets consulting company (Canada), and FOEX Indexes (Finland).

Subscription for the Weekly is available at the product page at the website.

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