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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Top 100 Russian timber industry companies by revenue and share

Top 100 Russian timber industry companies by revenue and share

20 October 2020 ` 18:43  

Based on the results of 2018, the combined revenue of the Top 100 timber enterprises skyrocketed to the highest level in Russia’s contemporary history. The main reasons were high prices for timber products in global markets that sustained over most of 2018 and weakening of the ruble compared to the US dollar. In the end of 2018, the global economic cycle changed and the prices for commodities, including timber industry products, dropped.

During 2019, global markets, including the timber industry market, were under pressure created by the tensions between the two largest economies – the USA and China. The trade argument directly involved timber industry products, among other goods, which created uncertainty and increased risks for all industry players, including those from third countries. Nevertheless, agreements between China and the USA and dispelling Brexit-related concerns became positive signs in the global economy in 2019.

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