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Global Trends Review, December 01-14, 2014: Global pattern of softwood lumber demand in 2014

23 December 2014 ` 16:59  
Demand for softwood lumber has been steadily increasing on a worldwide basis since the great recession. As a result, lumber shipments in 2014 are the highest since 2007 by far, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. Lumber prices...

Global Trends Review, February 24 – March 09, 2014: China boosts investments into foreign timber processing; Moody’s anticipates pulp price decline

13 March 2014 ` 16:44  
Chinese timber enterprises are rapidly increasing foreign investments. Around $1.3 billion has been already allocated in some 20 countries, mainly for logging and primary processing, but with growing interest in wood product manufacturing, as ITTO reported. Recently, both...