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Global Trends Review, July 15-21, 2013: sawmillers and pulp makers predict volatile but better market environment in the second half-year

23 July 2013 ` 05:51  
In the construction sector, seasonally adjusted production fell by 0.3% in the Eurozone and by 0.2% in the whole European Union area in May 2013, compared with the previous month, according to first estimates released by Eurostat. With...

Global Trends Review, July 08-14, 2013: improvement on the construction market; second biofuel generation coming

16 July 2013 ` 01:55  
UK, Germany and the US have reported positive housing statistics recently. The UK’s largest builders group – the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) – says its latest state of trade survey shows the net balance for workloads, expected...

Global Trends Review, June 24-30, 2013: pellet trade growing but causing controversies; companies choose various strategies to tackle weak demand and wood shortage

3 July 2013 ` 13:16  
600 representatives of the Austrian paper industry took part in a demonstration in Klagenfurt, says Holzkurier quoting The protest in the capital of Austria’s southern province of Carinthia was directed against the planned biomass plant in particular...

Global Trends Review, June 17-23, 2013: Asian market drives European sawmilling, first wooden skyscraper planned to be built in Sweden

24 June 2013 ` 13:12  
Many sawmills in Northern Europe have expanded their lumber sales outside the Europe market the past few years resulting in an increase in non-European exports from 27% of total exports in 2007 to 43% in 2012, as reported...

Global Trends Review, June 10-16, 2013: lumber outlook, pellet and chip consumption surging, plastics & chemicals from wood

18 June 2013 ` 04:55  
The 35,000 members of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) produced 75.7 million m3 of softwood lumber in 2012 – 4.5% less than the year before, Holzkurier reported. A challenging situation on the log procurement front...

Global Trends Review, May 27 – June 02, 2013: Top 20 softwood lumber producers in Europe; sawlog and pulpwood price trends in Q1

4 June 2013 ` 01:38  
Sawlog prices were up in practically all regions in the 1Q/13, but they were still generally lower than they were a year ago, as reported in WRQ report by Wood Resources International. The biggest increases from the previous...

Global Trends Review, April 29 – May 05, 2013: Canadian quarterly reports: NBSK up, paper down, and OSB surging

7 May 2013 ` 02:43  
Major Canadian and North-West U.S. companies posted first-quarter results last week. Mercer International Inc., operating in Canada and Germany, reported net loss of €0.4 million compared to net income of €1.2 million in 1Q 2012. Total revenues for...

Global Trends Review, April 22-28, 2013: Challenging conditions for Nordic producers; market forces restructurings

30 April 2013 ` 18:28  
The largest Scandinavian companies posted not very cheerful Q1 results. Setra’s net loss was SEK 27 million, which is on par with Q1 2012 levels. Sales decreased slightly. According to company’s CEO Stefan Lundin, strengthening Swedish krona had...

Södra leaves Angara Paper pulpmill project in Russia

18 January 2013 ` 14:17  
Växjö (Sweden), January 18. Södra decided to leave the project with Angara Paper company to build a Eniseyskiy LKhK pulpmill in Russia. Swedish company was invited to take part in construction of a greenfield mill in southern Siberia....