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Global Trends Review, June 24-30, 2013: pellet trade growing but causing controversies; companies choose various strategies to tackle weak demand and wood shortage

3 July 2013 ` 13:16  
600 representatives of the Austrian paper industry took part in a demonstration in Klagenfurt, says Holzkurier quoting The protest in the capital of Austria’s southern province of Carinthia was directed against the planned biomass plant in particular...

Global Trends Review, June 17-23, 2013: Asian market drives European sawmilling, first wooden skyscraper planned to be built in Sweden

24 June 2013 ` 13:12  
Many sawmills in Northern Europe have expanded their lumber sales outside the Europe market the past few years resulting in an increase in non-European exports from 27% of total exports in 2007 to 43% in 2012, as reported...

Global Trends Review, June 03-09, 2013: surging lumber prices in Japan; growing export wood trade in early 2013; further shift of board & paper capacities

11 June 2013 ` 03:48  
To stop long lasting deflation, Japanese government took monetary easing policy, which depreciated yen’s exchange rate sharply in short time, ITTO reported. The yen/dollar rate was 78 last autumn, now it plunged to 102. Also the yen depreciated...

20 ideas of 3rd Global Softwood Log and Lumber Conference (Vancouver)

8 June 2013 ` 01:08  
We present some major ideas of 3rd Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference held in Vancouver on May 8 by one of our media partners, Canadian company International Wood Markets. Full version of the article is available in...

5 ideas of Vladimir Petrov, Professor, Duma Natural Resources Committee Expert

28 May 2013 ` 02:28  
Full text of the interview with Mr. Petrov is available in #70 of our Weekly. “Return to felling tickets, forest ranges and increase in forest guard headcount would be much more effective than the law on roundwood trade...

“Forestry News”: wood pricing pecularities in Russia and Finland

21 May 2013 ` 03:31  
According to expert forecasts, reduction of customs duties within the framework of the WTO accession could lead to a more than threefold increase in the export of logs from Russia, as said in Russian Forestry News. This will...

Global Trends Review, May 06-12, 2013: OSB prices plateaued; China’s GDP slowed down

14 May 2013 ` 06:38  
The slight decline in North American OSB and softwood plywood prices seen in the first half of April has intensified in the past fortnight, EUWID Wood reported. The slump in OSB prices, in particular, is being attributed mainly...

Global Trends Review, April 29 – May 05, 2013: Canadian quarterly reports: NBSK up, paper down, and OSB surging

7 May 2013 ` 02:43  
Major Canadian and North-West U.S. companies posted first-quarter results last week. Mercer International Inc., operating in Canada and Germany, reported net loss of €0.4 million compared to net income of €1.2 million in 1Q 2012. Total revenues for...

Log export from Russia declined by 21% to 12.5 million cu m in 9 months of 2012 – WhatWood Analytics

29 November 2012 ` 20:43  
Moscow, November 29. Physical volume of roundwood export from Russia declined by 21% in January-September 2012 year-on-year down to 12.5 million cu m, as said in the report published by WhatWood analytic service. Export cost declined by 27.3% on-year down...