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Tag: legislation

Government abolished VAT on imports of equipment for OSB and MDF production

29 May 2013 ` 04:46  
At the website of the Russian Government, the Decree #419 as of May 15, 2013 is published. In accordance with the decree, the list of equipment which has no analogues produced in Russia and is therefore not subject...

5 ideas of Vladimir Petrov, Professor, Duma Natural Resources Committee Expert

28 May 2013 ` 02:28  
Full text of the interview with Mr. Petrov is available in #70 of our Weekly. “Return to felling tickets, forest ranges and increase in forest guard headcount would be much more effective than the law on roundwood trade...

In 2014, Finland to abolish rotation age for logging

1 May 2013 ` 18:23  
Next year, the new Forest Code will come into effect in Finland, which, in particular, involves the abolition of rotation age. Now the project of the document goes public examination. In an interview with Forest portal of Karelia...

Expert Council: A Challenging Start

26 April 2013 ` 03:46  
WhatWood attended the first meeting of the Forest Industry Expert Council at State Duma on Friday, April 19. The main topic at the event was draft law on control and inventory of roundwood trade to fight illegal logging....

Global Trends Review, April 08-14, 2013: Housing market drives capacity changes

15 April 2013 ` 23:44  
Since April 15, 2013, WhatWood launches English version of Global Trends Review, as announced earlier. Sawlog prices in Europe were generally lower in 2012 than in 2011 because of lower log demand from the sawmilling sector, as reported...

Baikal pulpmill set on bankruptcy administration and received €11.4 million VEB’s credit

28 December 2012 ` 08:29  
Irkutsk, December 28. Arbitration court set bankruptcy administration at Baikal pulpmill until June 05, 2013 following the request of the external administrator. The mill is bankrupted, and Aleksandr Ivanov is appointed its insolvency administrator. At the court session,...

Pulp & paper companies prepared amendments to the draft Forest Policy at the Adam Smith Conference in Vienna

21 December 2012 ` 12:00  
Vienna, December 21. Austria’s capital hosted 17th Adam Smith Conference “Pulp & Paper in Russia and CIS” in early December. Following the results of it, a workgroup will prepare a Resolution of the conference and send it to...