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WhatWood Events Sveza is one of the few in the world launched a line of UV-varnishing plywood

Sveza is one of the few in the world launched a line of UV-varnishing plywood

7 June 2019 ` 19:15  

As reported in the press release, in the framework of a comprehensive program of modernization of production facilities, Sveza put into operation a new line of production of plywood with UV-coating at its plant in St. Petersburg.

Processing of plywood sheets on the UV line is carried out in several stages: grinding, priming under the influence of ultraviolet, grinding of the primed surface, applying a finish varnish coating, which instantly hardens under the influence of ultraviolet. The whole process is automated and environmentally friendly. Suppliers of equipment for the line became the world companies specializing in production of the profile equipment from Germany, Italy, Denmark and the USA. Training of Sveza’s specialists was conducted by the Swedish company AkzoNobel (the world’s largest manufacturer of paints and coatings, it is also a supplier of varnish for the new line).

According to Anatoly Frishman, General Director of Sveza, ”Sveza is one of the few companies in the world that started production of products with the application of lacquer coatings treated with ultraviolet rays. The launch of the UV-line is also a vivid example of the implementation of the company’s new development strategy, one of the main focuses of which is to increase customer focus. We strive to produce personalized products for different consumers, responding to a wide range of requests”.

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