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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Russia is steadily increasing its saw timber

Russia is steadily increasing its saw timber

24 November 2020 ` 17:24  

After dramatic production decline in the period 1992-2002 Russia is steadily increasing its saw timber. It is worth noting once again that the collection of statistical information by Federal State Statistics Service does not cover medium, small and mini enterprises and information on their production indicators is no longer taken into account. Also, since 2017, Federal State Statistics Service has not collected data on production volumes by enterprises. Therefore, the actual production volumes of saw timber of all species differ significantly from the real situation in the industry.

According to WhatWood in 2019 saw timber increased by 4.5% to 44 million m³. Softwood saw timber dominates in the species composition.

Read detailed information in the annual review Russian Forest Industry Review 2019-2020.

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