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WhatWood Biofuel Pellet production in Europe increased by more than 7%

Pellet production in Europe increased by more than 7%

27 November 2020 ` 18:20  

In 2019, the production of wood pellets in the EU-28 countries increased by about 5% compared to the previous year and amounted to 17.84 million tons. In other European countries, the growth rate was 17% to 4.16 million tons. According to data published in the 2019 Pellet Market Report by Bioenergy Europe and the European Pellet Council, growth was 7.2% to 22 million tonnes for Europe as a whole.

The report includes 721 pellet plants operating in Europe. Germany remained the largest producer in Europe with 2.82 million tonnes, followed by Sweden with 1.63 million tonnes, Lithuania with 1.61 million tonnes and France with 1.6 million tonnes.

Increases in production were also recorded in North America and Asia (excluding China). In the first case, the growth was 13% to 12.36 million tons, and in the second – by only 1% to 3.93 million tons.

Together with the indicators for South America (+ 21% to 971 thousand tons) and Oceania (+ 7% to 220 thousand tons), the total world production of pellets (excluding China) amounted to 39.49 million tons, which means an increase of almost 9%. Over the past six years, global pellet production (excluding China) has increased by 18.45 million tons, i.e. by about 88%.

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