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League of wastepaper processors pushes legislative amendments

7 July 2014 ` 14:57  

Director of sales and development of PTsBK group (Perm pulpmill) and president of the League of wastepaper processors Andrey Guryanov took a speech on the activities of the League at the conference “Packaging market of Russia”, held on 19 June in the framework of RosUpack-2014 exhibition.

“The average price of wastepaper rose by 75% just over six months. The annual growth of consumption is about 15%. Therefore, if we do not take action, we will undermine a huge number of enterprises and their employees,” said Andrey Guryanov in his report.

According to Guryanov, the League of wastepaper processors intends to push three legislative changes: to adopt amendments to the law “On wastes of packaging production and consumption”, which will move the market of secondary resources to a new level; to release the collection of wastepaper from VAT and personal income tax, which should make the collection process transparent and clear; to introduce prohibitive duties on exports of wastepaper from Russia to save up to 10-12% of the whole volume of this raw material.

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