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WhatWood Blog Forestry & Logging Kirovles & Navalny case full chronology

Kirovles & Navalny case full chronology

5 August 2012 ` 01:50  

On July 31, blogger and opposition leader Alexey Navalny was given new charges concerning Kirovles logging company. He is suspected of 16 million roubles fraud and is possibly facing up to ten years of imprisonment.

WhatWood developed the timeline of the matter from the moment of Kirovles creation down to the Navalny charges.


In 2007, public direction for agricultural forests ofKirovregion was converted into Kirovles state enterprise. Regional department for state property acted as its founder.

The company was established in order to increase efficiency of logging in the region. The enterprise dealt in logging, forestry and gave forestland for lease. In 2008, the company received around two million sq m of allowable cut for lease.

Nikolai Shaklein who wasKirovgovernor at the time commented in his annual appeal to the regional assembly:

‘’The enterprise should become the base for logging and forestry in the region which applies up-to-date and efficient methods in the forest’’.

In September 2008, regional government noted Kirovles as the most profitable state enterprise out of 93 companies. Net benefit in the first half of 2008 amounted to 21.3 million roubles, which makes 40% of all benefit of state unitary enterprises inKirovregion.


A year later, it came out that one of Kirovles affiliates has one million roubles of debts to its workers.

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