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WhatWood Global Trends Review In 1Q 2020, China's plywood exports fell 85%

In 1Q 2020, China’s plywood exports fell 85%

20 May 2020 ` 13:02  

According to China Customs, in 1Q 2020, China’s plywood exports were 1.85 million m³ valued at US$787.6 million, a drop of 85% and 82% respectively over the same period in 2019. The main markets for plywood exports in the first quarter were the Philippines (131,000 m³), UK (129,000 m³), Japan (125,000 m³), UAE (111,000 m³), Vietnam (105,000 m³) and Saudi Arabia (104,000 m³) all of which were significantly down year on year.

First quarter plywood imports were 35,068 m³ valued at US$26.85 million, a decline of around 80% in both volume and value. Over 70% of China’s plywood imports are from five countries, Russia (16,002 m³), Indonesia (4,886 m³), Malaysia (3,368 m³), Vietnam (1,547 m³) and Japan (1,290 m³).

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