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WhatWood Blog Woodworking In 1H 2021, “Sveza” increased production volumes by 11%

In 1H 2021, “Sveza” increased production volumes by 11%

13 August 2021 ` 17:50  

In 1H 2021, Sveza’s sales volume was 655,000 m³, which was 7% higher than in 1H 2020. During the reporting period, the company produced 662,000 m³ of products, exceeding the figures for the same period last year by 11%.

The company signed up contracts with more than 100 new customers, which is the highest record for the past five years. The number of active customers has amounted to almost 600 companies, having increased by 28% compared to 1H 2020. Another key indicator has also grown – direct sales. Their share has amounted to 24%, which is 9 p.p. higher than in 1H 2020. This rate is also the highest in the history of the company.

The volume of “Sveza’s” investments in production in 1H 2021 was about 1 billion rubles. The largest projects where these funds were directed were the construction of an R&D center, projects for the technical re-equipment of mills, including such global ones as “Novator +52”, as well as initiatives to improve safety and working conditions.

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