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WhatWood Events Ilim Group has signed a contract with Voith to supply the world's most powerful cardboard machine

Ilim Group has signed a contract with Voith to supply the world’s most powerful cardboard machine

5 June 2019 ` 14:30  

Ilim Group signed a contract with German engineering group Voith to supply cardboard machine XcelLine. 

Its commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2021 at the new pulp and cardboard plant in Ust-Ilimsk – the main project of the large-scale investment program of the Ilim Group for capacity building in Siberia and further business development in the growing Chinese market, where the company has been operating for more than 23 years.

The cardboard machine created by Voith for the Ilim Group on an individual project will become the most powerful machine in the world for the production of Kraftliner (pure cellulose cardboard) – 600 thousand tons per year. The maximum daily capacity of 2,150 tons. The width of the paper web on the longitudinal cutting machine  – 9400 mm. The machine will produce Kraftliner density from 80,0 to 175,0 g/m2.

In accordance with the strategy of the Ilim Group in the field of digitalization, special attention was paid to the technological equipment of the machine. Voith will develop and equip the machine with an OnControl system that will provide full access to process control and data collection. The machine will be equipped with quality control scanners, sensors and cameras Web Break Analysis, which allow to monitor and record the fabric breaks online, saving data (including images) for further analysis. Among other technological features of the machine are two independent BlueLine grinding lines: for softwood and hardwood pulp. This will ensure strict adherence to the composition of pulp to achieve the highest quality products.

The entire range of equipment and systems of the cardboard machine will provide the optimal process and efficiency of operation. The equipment will be delivered to Ust-Ilimsk in the form of separate elements for subsequent Assembly and installation on site. The weight of the heaviest part of the machine will be 79 tons (Central clamping shaft Nipco-P).

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