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Forestry & Logging

News on forestry and logging in Russia.

Karelia to become the first Russian region to use intensive forest management

November 22, 2012 ` 09:45  
Petrozavodsk, November 22. Karelian government has agreed with Russian Forest Service (Rosleskhoz) that Karelia would become the first region to use intensive forest management methods, as announced by Karelian governor Aleksandr Hudilainen commenting on the results of the...

Head of Duma Forest Council: Russia’s accession to WTO will cause mill closures, but will help Russian loggers

November 20, 2012 ` 13:34  
Moscow, November 20. Woodworking and pulp and paper mills will possibly go through massive closures after Russia’s accession to WTO, as predicted by former Vologda region governor, now Head of Forest Council in State Duma Vyacheslav Pozgalyov. Russian...

Logging in Arkhangelsk region becomes more and more loss-making

November 16, 2012 ` 17:47  
Arkhangelsk, November 16. Since 2007, there has been loss-making logging trend in Arkhangelsk region: in five years, net loss grew from 80.1 million Rubles in 2007 (€2 million) to 506.5 million Rubles in 2011 (€12.5 million), as reported...

Anti-monopoly service fined Russian Railways for €55.5 million for abuse of dominance

November 15, 2012 ` 06:26  
Moscow, November 15. Federal anti-monopoly service (FAS) has fined Russian Railways OJSC for 2.24 billion Rubles (€55.5 million) for “abuse of dominance”, as the service announced. Many companies and industry associations have complained about expensive services and poor...

Altai communists accused Altailes of illegal logging

August 16, 2012 ` 23:38  
Communists of Altai region accused Altailes holding of illegal logging in Egoryevskiy forest reserve. Acccording to local communists, Lebyazhye Les LLC which belongs to the holding is breaking Forest and Conservation codes. Wood deliveries to Rubtsovsk LDK mill increased several times,...

Russian Railways and Sverdlovsk region will support small-volume deliveries

August 5, 2012 ` 19:35  
Sverdlovsk affiliate of Russian Railways and regional government are going to make steps to support the forest industry in the region, as decided at the regular meeting of the two sides. Several ways to boost efficient logistics in...

Kirovles & Navalny case full chronology

August 5, 2012 ` 01:50  
On July 31, blogger and opposition leader Alexey Navalny was given new charges concerning Kirovles logging company. He is suspected of 16 million roubles fraud and is possibly facing up to ten years of imprisonment. WhatWood developed the...

Forest Service and Greenpeace differ in estimations of forest fire area

July 24, 2012 ` 01:13  
Federal Forest Service of Russia (Rosleskhoz) announced that 230 forest fires areactive in Russia on the area of 25,000 hectares, as of July 29. According to Emergencies Ministry, as of July 28, 4,600 people and 570 units wereengaged in...

DalLesProm cut Japan and South Korea deliveries in favor of China

July 12, 2012 ` 02:27  
DalLesProm logging company (Khabarovsk region, belongs to RFP Group) decreased Japanese and South Korean deliveries from 10% to 6% and from 17% to 2% respectively within last two years, the company reported. Total logging also fell by 4.2%...