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WhatWood No category 512.3 million rubles were invested in the development of wood processing in Karelia

512.3 million rubles were invested in the development of wood processing in Karelia

27 March 2019 ` 16:00  

The enterprise of NGO “Fintek” is located in p. Pyaozersky and on the territory of Kostomuksha and is engaged in the implementation of a priority investment project in the field of forest development.

Since the beginning of implementation, 512.3 million rubles have been invested in the project. In General, it involves the organization of deep processing of wood in Kostomuksha, including the development of wooden housing – the production of sets of houses made of laminated veneer lumber, the construction of a sawmill in the territory of the Loukhsky district and the development of logging in leased forest areas.

The investment project is included in the Federal target program “Development of the Republic of Karelia until 2020”. Today in “Fintice” created 61 new jobs, including in p. Pyaozerskiy.

For industrial sites in Pyaozerskiy purchased equipment sawmill. Mounted on the line sawing: machine tools, conveyors, electronics, hydraulics and equipment technical floor spent pouring foundations and setting the rest equipment. The project includes a new boiler house, which will operate on local biofuel.

On industrial sites in Kostomuksha purchased and installed woodworking equipment for the production of laminated veneer lumber in the amount of up to 4,0 thousand cubic meters per year and home kits from it, the construction of a boiler for 5 MW on biofuel, repair of industrial buildings, purchased and delivered a complete plant for the production of finished glued materials. The plant is fully automated, its installation is carried out. The start-up of the laminated veneer lumber plant is scheduled for May 2019.

Press service of the Head of Karelia Republic 

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