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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Tomsk-based BioEco company patented technology of panel production using “green” glue

Tomsk-based BioEco company patented technology of panel production using “green” glue

15 July 2014 ` 17:46  

A resident of the Tomsk special economic zone, BioEco company, has recently patented a technology and has received the conclusion of the accredited testing laboratory on the conformity of green panels pressed with bio-glue to international standards.

BioEko CJSC produces bio-glue by processing foodstuffs such as molasses and milk whey by biotechnological transformation with the use of harmless microorganisms. This substance can serve as an alternative to both expensive glues made on the basis of natural components and environmentally unsafe synthetic resins.

The laboratory stage of producing the glue itself, the multicomponent composition on its basis and green panels without the use of carbo-formaldehyde resins is already finished. The first stage of work was granted “Adhesive composition” patent of the Russian Federation, approval of international patent authority and the opinion of the testing laboratory CSL Lessertika.

The technology will allow Russian mills to launch high-quality and affordable products (chipboard, furniture, packaging, labels etc.) on the international market without upgrading their enterprises.

In the near perspective, the Tomsk-based company is going to establish pilot industrial project; later it is going either to start large-scale production or transfer the licence (i.e. to sell the technology). The company is currently searching for investors.

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