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Three new woodworking industries will appear in Sverdlovsk region

11 January 2019 ` 14:00  

Development Corporation of the Middle Urals have signed three agreements on a support of investment projects in the sphere of forestry – companies “Sibir”, “LPK “Bars” and with the company “Hua Thai hotel”, Russian representative of the Chinese woodworking partner Haihao, as reported on the official website of the Corporation.


“Today, the Sverdlovsk region is among the priority regions in The strategy of development of the forest complex of Russia until 2030 for the creation of capacities of the timber processing complex. This strategy provides for changes in the structure of forest production through the creation of large clusters, which will increase the production of lumber and plywood, as well as provide a comprehensive and deep processing of wood”, – said the Minister of investment and development of the Sverdlovsk region Victoria Kazakova.

In particular, an investor from China plans to launch production in the Talitsky city district in the production area of the former “Talitsky Agrosnab”. The industrial site that meets the requirements of the project and suppliers of forest resources picked up the cattle. Haihao will produce lumber in the Sverdlovsk region. The company will invest 100 million rubles in the wood processing project, 30 new jobs will be created. The investor has already entered into a deal to acquire ownership of the site and during this year will come to the site for the installation of the production line. The launch of the enterprise, which will process 80 thousand cubic meters of raw materials per year, is scheduled for 2019.

In production, you will use the wood of the nearby forest. Thus, in addition to the economic effect of new investments, the implementation of the project will have a positive impact on regional logging farms, providing the harvesters with solvent demand.

Another, more ambitious project of the company “Sibir”, which is accompanied by KRSU in 2017, has already started. High-tech woodworking production is based in Severouralsk. The total cost of the project is 500 million rubles, the volume of wood processing-262 thousand cubic meters per year. Over the next three years, about 80 jobs will be created here, 40 of them – in 2019. LLC “Sibir” has the status of a priority investment project in forest development.


The third agreement is aimed at supporting LLC “LPK “bars” (the investor is the company “Sagittarius Service” from KHMAO-Ugra) in the implementation of a large timber processing project with an investment of 800 million rubles. The project provides for the creation of several production facilities (about 150 jobs) in the Northern administrative district of the Sverdlovsk region. It is waste-free several stages of wood processing, including the production of lumber, furniture manufacturing and processing of wood waste into fuel pellets (pellets). The first production site for the production of lumber will be located in Ivdele. The investor intends to place furniture production in the Bogoslovsky industrial Park, which is currently being negotiated with the KRSU. The Corporation accompanies the investor comprehensively in matters related to production sites and measures of state support.

“In the Sverdlovsk region, a large estimated cutting area is 24.3 million cubic meters, annually harvested and processed about 7 million cubic meters.  The middle Urals is ready to provide the LPK projects with raw materials and infrastructure. New projects qualitatively change the timber industry of the Sverdlovsk region, make the consumption of resources more balanced and increase the development of the settlement cutting area, including through the processing of low – grade wood and technological raw materials”, – said Maxim Prachik, General Director of JSC “Corporation for the development of the Middle Urals”.

The strategy of the region in the field of forest development is aimed at the growth of harvesting, its balance and processing of wood waste. Over the past three years, seven LPK projects have appeared in the Sverdlovsk region. We are talking about projects of the holding “STUD” for the production of OSB-boards and LVL beams, projects for Chinese investors “trade Resource” and “Forest Development” in ADZ Krasnoturinsk (toothpicks and sticks for ice cream), production of plywood and sawn wood, LLC “Synergy”, as well as Haihao mentioned, “Sibir” and “LPK “bars”. The total amount of investments declared in the implementation of these projects exceeds 27 billion rubles.

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