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Comment on Softwood markets in November, 2016

27 November 2016 ` 13:19  

Deliveries to Europe grew by 11% to 294,000 m3  (+11% (y-to-y)). Notable supply growth was recorded in Finland: 40,200 m3 (+11% m-to-m, +9% y-to-y) and to Great Britain: 45,000 m3 (28% m-to-m, +38% y-to-y).

Great Britain has become the largest European buyer of Russian softwood lumber: 45,000 m3 (28% m-to-m, +38% y-to-y). 70% spruce and 30% pine, a small volume of about 700 m3 of rough larch lumber. The main growth was provided by supplies from LDK Solombalsky.

In November 2016 sales of Russian softwood lumber amounted to 2.01 million m3, which is by 0.4% less than in October 2016 and by 12.6% more than in November 2015.

WhatWood (calculated monthly on all export sales destinations) according to the month’s results remained unchanged: $ 120 / m3, on an annualized basis +$ 2 (y-to-y).

In November 2016 dynamics of prices change on Russian softwood lumber sales on export markets was mostly positive. The aggregate index of export prices of Russian softwood lumber.

WhatWood Price index

Source: December 29, 2016 | Issue №16 — November 2016

Detailed report on the Russian softwood lumber export markets is given in the latest issue of our WhatWood Monthly Lumber Report.

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