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WhatWood Blog News of WhatWood Project WhatWood: in 2014, Russian softwood lumber prices declined at almost all sales markets

WhatWood: in 2014, Russian softwood lumber prices declined at almost all sales markets

11 March 2015 ` 14:28  

In 2014, Russia increased its exports of sawn softwood by 5.1% to 21.4 million m3 (+1.7% to $3.5 billion in value terms), but prices during the year has been decreasing at almost all sales markets, despite the export-friendly rouble rate, as WhatWood agency analysts report. For the full-year 2014, the average lumber export price was $166 per cubic metre, which is 3.2% lower than in 2013.

The most dynamic growth of imports was registered in China (+11.2% to 8.4 million m3), while prices fell by 2.5% year-on-year. Chinese ports have accumulated large stocks of timber, which led to lower import prices. The market was also affected by the construction slowdown in China.

Egypt increased purchases by 9.2% to 1.5 million m3, and the average price was $212 per cubic metre (+18.6%, most of the growth came in the first half-year). Russia competed harshly with the Swedish and Finnish sawmills on this market in 2014.

Shipments to Europe rose by 4.4% to 5.6 million m3. Japan reduced purchases by 12.2% down to 832,000 m3, which is largely due to the rise in consumption tax in April 2014.

The situation in the sawmill industry of Russia will be regarded in detail in the 4th annual report by WhatWood, while the base export prices for Russian lumber (CIF, FOB etc.) and Russian/global timber market news can be tracked in the issues of Russian Timber Journal.

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