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Japan significantly reduced imports of Russian veneer logs

21 August 2020 ` 15:44  
The Russian government has been promoting wood processing in the Russian Far East region and log export duty has been raised step by step, which reduced supply of larch logs for plywood manufacturing in Japan. The duty was...

Russia reduced the production of wood-based panels in January-July 2020

20 August 2020 ` 10:55  
According to data from the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) in January-July 2020, plywood production in Russia decreased by 5.9% YoY to 2.3 million m³. The output of fiberboard (including MDF/HDF/flooring) decreased as well – by 11.7% YoY...

Wood pulp production increased by 6.4% in Russia in Jan-Jul 2020

18 August 2020 ` 17:13  
According to the data of the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) in Jan-Jul 2020, the output of Russian wood pulp grew by 6.4% YoY to 5.1 million tons. Paper and cardboard production increased over the reporting period as...

The output of wood pellets in Russia grew by 17.6% in Jan-Jul 2020

18 August 2020 ` 15:33  
The volume of wood pellet production in Russia in January-July 2020 increased by 17.6% YoY to 1.1 million tons, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reports.

Russia – the largest supplier of sawnwood to China

11 August 2020 ` 19:12  
China’s 1H 2020 sawnwood imports totalled 13.83 million m³ valued at US$2.90 billion, a year on year decline of 64% in volume and 66% in value in 1H 2020. Most suppliers saw a sharp fall in sawnwood exports...

Interview with Thomas Meth, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Enviva Partners

21 July 2020 ` 11:01  
The global market of wood pellets is growing at an average rate of 13% per annum, or +3.3 million metric tons a year (hereinafter all numbers are quoted in metric tons – Note by WhatWood), while the growth...

In Russia, the number of applications for the construction of wooden houses increased by 30% YoY in March 2020

6 July 2020 ` 13:37  
The Wooden Housing Construction Association supposes that the total production, construction, and sales of such housing can grow by 15–20% in six months. The growth in demand for wooden houses is conditioned by the “stay-at-home regime” due to...

European plywood imports slump

2 July 2020 ` 17:34  
According to analysis of latest UK Government and Eurostat statistics, total plywood imports by the EU27+UK (excluding internal trade) dropped by 16% YoY to 1.58 million m3 from January-April 2020. This follows a dip of 5.3% YoY to...

China’s sawn timber imports from Russia in Jan-Apr 2020 down 12.8%

22 June 2020 ` 18:25  
In January-April 2020, Russian sawn timber exports decreased by 6% YoY to 9.96 million м3. In April 2020, exports decreased by 13.3% YoY to 2.77 million м3. The largest importer of Russian sawn timber – China, in January-April...

Declining of sawn timber exports from Russia: 2008-2009 Vs 2020

19 June 2020 ` 12:30  
In the global financial crisis the downward trend lasted for six consecutive quarters in 2008-2009 (from Q4 2007 to Q1 2009). The strongest decline was in the European direction: exports from Russia dropped by 27% (which was the...

Logs exports from Russia to Finland is declining a moderate pace

17 June 2020 ` 15:10  
In 1Q 2020, softwood and hardwood logs exports from Russia to Finland decreased by 8.8% to 1.12 million m3. However, exports of hardwood raw materials almost did not change: there was just a slight decrease of 1.4% to...