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In January-November 2020, Russia reduced imports of furniture

21 January 2021 ` 11:11  
In January-November 2020, the cost of furniture imports to Russia decreased by 5.2% YoY to 1.7 billion, according to the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

US wooden furniture imports surpass $2 billion in November 2020

20 January 2021 ` 19:51  
Monthly US imports of wooden furniture surpassed $2 billion for the first time in November. Imports rose 4%, growing for the sixth straight month. Despite the record growth, year to November imports were down about 1% from last...

Tropical hardwood imports held steady in October 2020 in U.S.

25 December 2020 ` 19:33  
Imports of sawn tropical hardwood rose only 2% in October as imports for 2020 continue to lag far below those of 2019, reports ITTO. The 13,491 m³ imported was more than 38% below the volume imported in October of...

US reduces antidumping duties on Canadian timber

3 December 2020 ` 18:24  
The U.S. Department of Commerce reduced its penalties against imports of Canadian timber, primarily from B.C. producers, in the softwood timber dispute. An administrative review of countervailing and anti-dumping duties reduced the tariffs to an average of 9%...

EUTR to become UK domestic legislation starting January 1, 2021

12 November 2020 ` 19:14  
The European Timber Regulation and Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) will no longer apply in the United Kingdom from 1 January 2021. The European Timber Regulation (EUTR) and FLEGT will become UK domestic legislation as the...

Slight rise in China’s tropical sawnwood import volume

10 November 2020 ` 18:36  
Of total sawn hardwood imports, China’s tropical sawnwood imports accounted for 2.99 million cubic metres (18% of all sawn hardwood imports) in 1H 2020, up by 2% YoY. The value of these imports was $942 million, down by...

EU27 tropical sawnwood imports down sharply from all major supply countries

6 November 2020 ` 17:30  
EU27 imports of tropical sawnwood declined sharply from all major supply countries in the first eight months of 2020; down 17% YoY from Cameroon to 182,500 m³, 24% YoY from Brazil to 82,200 m³, 16% YoY from Gabon to 67,900...

Chinese imports of logs drop sharply in 1H 2020

10 September 2020 ` 12:22  
China’s log imports fell sharply in 1H 2020 to 24.51 million m³ valued at US$3.558 billion, down 60% in volume and 62% in value from the same period of 2019. Of total log imports, softwood log imports fell 61%...

There has been a steady decline in the volume of Japan’s plywood imports in 1H 2020

2 September 2020 ` 17:54  
The volume of plywood imports dropped 28% YoY in 1H of 2020. Indonesia and Malaysia are the top shippers of plywood to Japan accounting for over 80% of all plywood imports. In June arrivals from Malaysia were down...

Japan significantly reduced imports of Russian veneer logs

21 August 2020 ` 15:44  
The Russian government has been promoting wood processing in the Russian Far East region and log export duty has been raised step by step, which reduced supply of larch logs for plywood manufacturing in Japan. The duty was...

UK imports of tropical hardwood plywood from China fall 60%

14 August 2020 ` 18:50  
The UK imported 40,000 m³ of tropical hardwood faced plywood from China in Jan-May 2020, 60% less than the same period last year. UK imports of this commodity from China were at unusually high levels in 1H 2019...