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WhatWood Blog Forestry & Logging Rosleskhoz: the number of illegal logging in the Sverdlovsk region decreased by 37 %

Rosleskhoz: the number of illegal logging in the Sverdlovsk region decreased by 37 %

24 December 2018 ` 14:00  

Last week, a meeting of the Commission for the prevention of illegal logging and timber trafficking in the Sverdlovsk region was held.

The meeting was held by the regional Minister of industry and science Sergey Perestoronin. He also noted that a number of measures taken by all interested government agencies have already reduced the level of illegal logging in the forests of the region by 37 percent compared to last year. However, this problem cannot be completely eradicated. Nevertheless, the fight against illegal logging will continue: under the strict control of the Director of the forestry Department of the Sverdlovsk region Oleg Sandakov will strengthen patrols and interdepartmental cooperation, conduct operational and preventive measures on the roads, check the enterprises engaged in the processing of wood, for the legality of its origin, increase the material and technical support of the state forest inspectors.

A comprehensive analysis of the situation with illegal logging on the territory of the forest Fund of the Sverdlovsk region in 2018 was presented by the Deputy Director of the regional forestry Department Alexey Pazhetnov. In 2018, 344 cases of illegal logging were registered, the volume of illegally cut timber amounted to 36.5 thousand cubic meters. Thus 70 percent of all illegal logging is done on the territory of eight forestry – Alapayevsk, Berezovsky Bilimbaevskaya, Nizhny Tagil, Novo-Lyalinskijj, Sverdlovsk, Sysertsk and the Shalinsk — informed Alexey Pazhetnov.

Only Bilimbaevskaya forestry in the course of the space-based monitoring was identified illegal logging volume of 11.7 thousand cubic meters. Ranger district forestry, on which territory were violations, dismissed. Disciplinary measures have been taken against the Director of Bilimbay forestry. As noted by the Deputy head of the defense Ministry of the interior “revdinskiy” Natalia Ladenkov, on the revealed facts of violations of the forest law in the territory of Bilimbaevskaya forestry initiated three criminal cases under part 3 of article 260 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation “Illegal felling of forest plantations”.

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