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WhatWood Blog Pulp & Paper In Q1 2019, Belarusian enterprises produced import-substituting products worth $135.4 million

In Q1 2019, Belarusian enterprises produced import-substituting products worth $135.4 million

11 May 2019 ` 13:30  

Enterprises of the concern “Bellesbumprom” in the first quarter increased production of import-substituting products by 9.1%. In January-March 2019, 25 organizations of the concern produced import-substituting products for $ 135.4 million, which is 9.1 % more than in the 1st quarter of 2018.

These are goods that were previously produced in the Republic in insufficient quantities or were not produced at all. These include fiberboard (including MDF) and chipboard, plywood, paper and cardboard uncoated, corrugated cardboard and boxes of it, paper bags, corrugated cardboard, newspaper paper and sanitary paper, products from it, etc.

As part of the concern, the production of various types of fiberboard is carried out by six enterprises. In 2018, they produced almost 140 million conventional square meters of fiberboard, which is 16.2% more than in 2017, more than 70% – 99 million conventional square meters were exported. The geography of deliveries in 32 countries. About 47% of export sales fall on the markets of foreign countries, mainly the European Union. At the same time, fiberboard is exported to more remote regions, including Iran and Canada.

The production of sulphate bleached cellulose, which is supplied for further processing to Belarusian enterprises producing sanitary and hygienic products and various types of paper packaging, is steadily increasing. In the first quarter of JSC “Svetlogorsk pulp & Board plant” produced 26.4 thousand tons of cellulose, which is not only delivered to domestic consumers, but also exported to the Chinese market.

Increase the volume of production of wood panels: particleboard released on 4% more – conventional 149,3 thousand m3 fiberboard by 3.3% to 36.5 million conventional m2. Production of paper and cardboard increased by 13.4% to 83.4 thousand tons.

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