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WhatWood Blog Pulp & Paper In January, the plant of fuel pellets Segezha Group in Lesosibirsk shipped more than two thousand tons of pellets

In January, the plant of fuel pellets Segezha Group in Lesosibirsk shipped more than two thousand tons of pellets

26 January 2019 ` 14:00  

Lesosibirsk LDK №1 (Segezha Group, AFK “Sistema”) on January 22 in the Krasnoyarsk region sent consumers the first in 2019 container train with fuel pellets (pellets). Destination address-the port of St. Petersburg, the volume of supply to consumers in the EU-more than 2 thousand tons. The next container train will depart approximately January 31-February 2, according to the press service of Segezha Group.

The total volume of shipment of pellets to European buyers was about 5 thousand tons. The first two deliveries took place in December 2018, a month after the test launch of the fuel pellet plant and a week after its official opening. Investment Segezha Group in the production of pellet pellets on the basis of LDK No. 1 totaled 816,6 million. Total investment in the development of production in the Krasnoyarsk territory-1.7 billion rubles.

The annual production of pellets at LLDK №1 is 60-70 thousand tons of export-oriented products. In 2019, Segezha Group plans to ship three container trains with eco-fuel from Lesosibirsk to the Baltic ports on a monthly basis for further shipment to Denmark, Italy, Sweden, and other European countries.

“Prices on the European market of pellets are steadily growing, – said the Director of sales of timber division” Forest resources and woodworking ” Vadim Eresko, – All products that will be produced in 2019, has already been contracted. This allows the plant to make plans to increase production”.

The launch of the pellet plant will allow the company to use forest resources in a comprehensive manner, to ensure the utilization of sawmill by-products by converting them into biofuel pellets and thermal energy.

“Lesosibirsk LDK №1 during 2018 increased the production of sawn timber, and now pellets, while solving the problem of improving the logistics of supplies, – said the Vice-President of Segezha Group, head of the division “Forest resources and woodworking” Evgeny Batalov, – in August, after a ten – year break, the plant resumed shipment of finished products by water-the Northern sea route. At the end of the year, at LLDK No. 1, as well as at other woodworking plants of the company, a container terminal appeared, new loading equipment – reach stackers were purchased, which significantly accelerated the shipment of sawn timber and pellet pellets to our partners by rail. Both logistics solutions optimize transportation costs and meet the growing demand for our products in 2019″.

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