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WhatWood Blog Woodworking Ilim Timber targets European markets

Ilim Timber targets European markets

13 July 2020 ` 15:42  

The three leaders exporting plywood to Europe are Ilim Timber, Zheshart Plywood Mill, and UPM-Kyummene Chudovo. The positions of the largest exporter were transferred to the supplier of softwood plywood Ilim Timber with a volume of 87,300 m3 (98,000 m3 in 2018, -11% YoY ), Zheshart Plywood Mill (UPG) ranks second with a volume of 85,100 m3 (112,000 m3 in 2018, -24% YoY). In third place in terms of export volumes, UPM-Kyummen Chudovo with a volume of 82,700 m3 (71,900 m3 in 2018, + 15% YoY) overtaking Sveza Kostroma and Syktyvkar Plywood Mill this year.


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