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WhatWood Events For three years in Arkhangelsk, it will build a wooden ship 20 meters long

For three years in Arkhangelsk, it will build a wooden ship 20 meters long

22 February 2019 ` 19:00  

The Northern sea Museum presented a project on the revival and development of traditional shipbuilding in Arkhangelsk “Pomor schooner”, as the press service of the Governor and The government of the Arkhangelsk region.

According to Evgeny Shkaruba, a member of The Russian geographical society, skipper and founder of the Marine practices club, the project is being implemented with the support of the regional government together with the Northern Maritime Museum and shipbuilders from Norway. As a result, a wooden vessel 20 meters long will be built in Arkhangelsk in three years.

In the meantime, at a meeting with experts in history and Pomeranian culture, the authors of the project presented drawings and sketches of the schooner and also talked about their plans.

– We decided that the Pomeranian vessel should be built in Arkhangelsk, – says Evgeny Shkaruba. – The head of the region Igor Orlov supported this idea. In addition, the project will not be limited to one schooner. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the construction of a line of small tourist ships of the Arctic.

Such schooners were common in the regions of the White and Barents seas in the XIX-early XX century: they were used for fishing and fishing of sea animals, they were used as commercial and transport vessels. Russian and Norwegian, they were very similar. Therefore, the basis of the newly created vessel, the authors of the project took the drawings of the Norwegian schooner “Matilda” built in 1884, which is still on the go.

At the same time, it will be a quite comfortable and modern vessel. According to the drawings, it will accommodate four double cabins, a company cabin, and even showers.

The project was supported by the Barents Secretariat. To help the Russian experts to advise on key issues of construction are also Norwegian experts. Now they were invited to Arkhangelsk to choose a forest for the future schooner.

In addition, our masters will have a good experience in the construction of traditional Northern vessels and will be able to continue to work in this direction. By the way, there are a lot of people who want to take part in the project as shipbuilders.

Now choose a place for construction, where this summer plan to build a shipyard.

According to the Director of the Northern Maritime Museum Eugene Tanatova, this project carries the aesthetic and cultural meaning to Arkhangelsk and the region. The construction will be open, the shipyard will even arrange special galleries so that you can conduct excursions and not interfere with the work of masters. The project will include historical lectures, master classes, and classes for children.

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