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News on Russian lumber, panel, construction, and biofuel industry.

In the 4 months of 2017, sales of Russian birch plywood to the USA increased by 5% to 115,000 m3

June 10, 2017 ` 13:57  
Sveza group has become the largest supplier of birch plywood from Russia to the USA with an 18% share, Woodbridge International Holdings is in the second place with a 13% share, Syktyvkarsky FZ is third with a 10%...

Lumber Report No.5 (21): The Russian government strengthens requirements to sawnwood manufactures; in Japan, consumption of Russian sawnwood decreases; China sets records on demand

June 2, 2017 ` 21:00  
Read in the latest issue of the monthly review of the Russian sawmilling industry WhatWood Russian Monthly Lumber Report No.5 (21) – May 2017: Laws On May 12, 2017, the Russian government expanded the list of forest products, which are...

For the first time in its history, Russia began shipping OSB to North America

June 5, 2017 ` 21:34  
OSB import to Russia in the 1st quarter of 2017 increased by 76% (YoY) to 68,000 m3. This is the highest level during the last 3 years: 1st quarter of 2014, Russia imported 102,000 m3. 90% of deliveries...

40 facts on the plywood & panel industry in Russia

May 4, 2017 ` 17:48  
The market of OSB, MDF/HDF, particleboard and plywood in Russia has changed significantly in recent years. Companies are finding new niches in Russia and abroad, master the production of new, specialized products like transport industry plywood or thin...

In March 2017, Russian softwood lumber exports reached its historic peak of 2.5 million m3 (+11% yoy)

May 3, 2017 ` 22:50  
In the first quarter of 2017, high demand for softwood lumber was registered in the global markets. Russian export sales grew 16% on-year to reach 6.1 million m3, worth $761 million (+26% yoy). Softwood lumber exports from Russia...

In Jan-Feb 2017, demand for Russian softwood lumber grew 19% to 3.6 million m3

April 8, 2017 ` 18:09  
Sales of Russian sawn softwood products to export markets demonstrate strong growth at the beginning of 2017. Traditional seasonal decrease of shipments of sawn wood resulting from the long New Year holidays this year had a slight impact...

The market of wooden I-beams in Russia

March 17, 2017 ` 12:42  
Dear clients and partners, Recently we have studied the market of I-beam in Russia. We invite you to have a look at its highlights. For the production of wooden I-beams, kiln-dried softwood lumber is used (12% humidity; UPM,...

Russian plywood and panel industry in 2015-2016: financial status and capacities

February 17, 2017 ` 16:00  
We publish the abstracts of WhatWood’s chief editor Kirill Baranov presentation at the conference “Panel industry of Russia”, which was held by the editorial board of the journal LesPromInform in October 2016 at Lesdrevmash Expo. During this time...

Comments on Chinese market in 2016

January 11, 2017 ` 13:33  
In 2016, the export of sawn softwood from Russia to China has shown an impressive growth: +37% (YoY) to 13.4 million m3.  In 2015, in relation to 2014, the growth rate amounted to 17%. Many companies, especially players...

WhatWood Russian Monthly Lumber Report #15 (Oct’ 2016): seasonal decline of wood supplies; tough competition in Egypt; export seasonality

December 11, 2016 ` 23:54  
Read in the latest issue of our monthly review of Russian sawmilling industry WhatWood Russian Monthly Lumber Report #15 (October 2016): Seasonal decline of timber supplies to lumber mills in late September and October has resulted in decrease in production...

Russian timber industry news #22/23-2016

December 31, 2016 ` 22:37  
- On December 6, 2016 the Solomenskiy sawmill (Petrozavodsk, Karelia) put into operation a new line of sawmilling. Thus, the plant has completed the next stage of modernization and expansion of production. - Ladozhsky DSK CJSC postponed commissioning...

Russian timber industry news #21-2016

December 31, 2016 ` 15:55  
- AFK Sistema owned by billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov made a public proposal of the purchase of all shares of Finnish house-building company Honkarakenne at the price of €1.5 per share. According to Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the CEO...