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WhatWood Ideas 5 ideas of Sampsa Auvinen, Norvik Timber CEO

5 ideas of Sampsa Auvinen, Norvik Timber CEO

21 May 2013 ` 02:03  

Full text of the interview with Mr. Auvinen is available in #67-68 of our Weekly.

“Japan has been surprisingly good as the demand seem to continue strong. Maybe one reason is the planned increase of the VAT in April 2014 which is pushing many building projects to be done before that”.

“It seems to me that China might become an important market for many European sawmills this year”.

“In Japan the ageing population will have an impact on demand in the long run”.

“The Ruble has remained too strong compared to the EUR making exports to Europe challenging. The Ruble obviously follows the oil price”.

“Due to the very challenging situation in European sawmilling industry there is a lot of good second hand equipment available for very attractive prices”.

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